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How to improve my teaching skill? Hello,all.This is Rooney Huang,living in Guangzhou,China.My native language is Mandarin and Cantonese.I would like to help all who are interested in Chinese Language and Culture.In my lesson you need to talk to me everything in Mandarin or Cantonese,I talk to you in Chinese language as well. I guarantee you must be able to travel alone with Chinese in 2 months.Now I dont charge any money,I just want to improve my teaching skill. Do you have any experiences about teaching skill?Please tell me if you have.
2 نوفمبر 2016 13:54
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Hello Rooney Huang, The most important skill a teacher can have is to remember that students are real people with lives and problems outside language learning. Find out what they want and what they are interested in. There is no use teaching someone a lot of computer language if they ride a horse for a living! Always show them an example of the language you want them to produce first, preferably embedded in a text or listening so it will be in context. Best wishes Bob
2 نوفمبر 2016
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