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Jack Leung
Could you please tell me how to express this two sentences in a formal way. Thanks I saw them on a bus yesterday. 1.Carrying flammable and explosive goods on the bus is prohibited. (or It's prohibited to carry flammables and explosives on the bus.) 2.The omni-directonal video surveillance is ongoing all over the trip.
2 lis 2016 23:22
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I 'm sorry I didn't explain enough. I mean I saw this two sentences writed in Mandarin on a bus.And I thought they might be have another expression in English(More simplified or more 'formal'). So the 'formal way' means common way. If you saw the two sentences on the bus in your country. How will they be said? Thanks a lot.
3 listopada 2016
Yeah I might be missing the point, but this is already pretty formal. I'm not sure what you are asking?
3 listopada 2016
what do you mean with "formal way" ?
3 listopada 2016
Jack Leung
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