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question about articles and capitalisation There are two sentences like these in a test paper. 1. Local services depart from King Street railway station. 2. National services depart from the central/Central railway station. The structures of these two sentences look no different, but why there is a "the" put before " central railway station" but not "King Street railway station". And why in the second sentence, both "central" and "Central“ are acceptable? If it is a name of the station, shouldn't it be capitalised. Thanks
4 нояб. 2016 г., 7:51
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Good question. If the station's name is "Central Station", then you need capital "C" and capital "S", and there is no article. It's like "Paddington Station" or "King Street Station". e.g. I'll see you at Central Station. If you are referring to the station which is in the centre of town, you can describe it as "the central station". This needs "the" because it's the only one, and no capitals, because the words are an ordinary adjective and ordinary noun (like "the big restaurant"). e.g. I'll see you at the central station.
4 ноября 2016 г.
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