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Asma Khalid
Using 는 거 So this is confusing to me..I know it means the act of doing something (noun) but when do I use it? 원장님은 만나는 거를 안 좋아해요.. I don't like meeting meeting the it correct? Can some Koreans give simple sentences using this..I'm a beginner by the way so please give me REALLY simple sentences. 감사합니다 :).
Nov 4, 2016 1:56 PM
Answers · 6
The principal doesn't like to meet (someone) = 원장님은 (someone) 만나는 거를 안 좋아해요. I don't like meeting meeting the principal = 나 원장님 만나기 싫어요.
November 4, 2016
And also "I am sitting" or "I am studying" wouldn't use this grammar point. So don't just see "ing" and assume you use 는 것。 Focus on the meaning. Also note the full form is 는 것. The colloquial form of 것 is 거. 거+를 = 걸. Contract it
November 4, 2016
But in the case of a sentence like "Do you want to come hiking?" I don't think that'd be right. Not for go/come Ving. So it's important to focus on meaning instead of translating
November 4, 2016
Use it whenever you want to turn a verb into a noun so you can talk about it :) ex. I like reading. Doing homework is boring. Swimming is a good way to cool off. Do you like hiking? ... some verbs have a noun form already too. And your sentence is almost right :) but with 은 after principal it means the principal doesn'tlike meeting (meeting who?) :) you should write a journal entry to practice
November 4, 2016
Asma Khalid
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