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Jenny Chen
I want to ask ny English is correct or not(It is about hotel duties) Clerk For tenants to move procedures. Check out the list of scheduled check-out, arrange rooms, and get the latest and most accurate room information. Responsible for sales, deployment and introduction of guest rooms. 辦理房客遷入手續。 查核追蹤預定退房名單、安排房間,掌握最新、最正確的房間狀況。 負責客房的銷售、調配與介紹。 Executive Secretary Confirming the itinerary, scheduling and records, assisting in the search for and processing of paperwork. 確認主管行程、會議安排及記錄,協助主管資料搜尋並處理文書類工作。 Resident Manager Main responsibilities: Hotel turnover, product quality management, and customers, employees and manufacturers to establish a good relationship, human resources management, hardware management. 主要職責:飯店營業額,產品品質之管理,與顧客、員工及廠商建立良好的關係,人力資源之管理,硬體設備管理。
Nov 4, 2016 2:31 PM
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Of course I have no knowledge of Chinese so I could not comment on the accuracy of the translation. My real question is the last sentence of the clerk's responsibilities: 'Responsible for sales, deployment and introduction of guest rooms.' I can understand sales, but deployment would be understandable when talking about software or equipment. Definitely not guests. Introduction of guest rooms seems also out of context here. Otherwise everything else seems syntactically correct.
November 4, 2016
Jenny Chen
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