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Could you help translate this to english I can't write them in my computer
4 нояб. 2016 г., 15:03
Answers · 2
I'll give it a go. It's hard to know the exact meaning and make it natural without changing the structure too much. During class today, the teacher made (let?) us all talk about everyone's hobbies (everyone talk about their hobbies?). I said, "I really like music. I like both modern music and traditional music. I really like Chinese music." Zhang Dong doesn't like music, he likes to watch movies. He knows all the famous movies. He said, "Because he (I don't know why he would use the pronoun "he" here) likes Chinese movies, he came to China to study Chinese." Mary (Marie? Just Ma Li?) is someone who likes sports. She knows basketball, tennis, volleyball and also swimming. Wang Lan's hobby is taking photos. There are so many photos in her room. She hopes she can be a tour guide in the future so she can go travelling and take many great pictures.
4 ноября 2016 г.
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