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Will and would I am confused about when we can use "will" and "would"? I usually find: would" is more common appeared in converstion. **Thanks for answering the question. :)
Nov 5, 2016 2:07 AM
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These words are common enough that it's possible I'll miss a few usages, but I can tell you some of the basic ones. "Will" is used to describe events in the future. "I will go to school tomorrow." "It will rain next week." "Would" is sometimes used in certain kinds of questions. It's used to ask about someone's willingness, interest, or ability to do or get something. "Would you like to a cookie?" "Would you be willing to help me with my homework?" "Would" is used for things/situations which could have happened but didn't. "I would have gone to zoo yesterday, but it rained." (If it had not rained, I would have gone. But it did rain, so I never actually went.) "If he'd asked me out, I would have said yes." (He did not ask me out, so I did not say yes.)
November 5, 2016
will usually implies a future tense whereas would creates a conditional sentence with some element of uncertainty or unknown, or something expressing a wish or desire for something. e.g. he will eat the apple = he is going to eat the apple sometime in the future, this is a definite statement he would eat the apple, if... = still indicating a future action but not definite at all. Often 'would' can be followed by 'if' to highlight the condition. Hope this helps!
November 5, 2016
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