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Vala b
What does いつだって会えるね mean..? Me: so I met a guy dressed up as pikotaro for halloween Him: So people over there also know him!! Me: yeah, the ppap song is getting really popular here Him: Really! The world seems big but it's also kind of small right Me:right! Him: (いつだって会えるね) If I understand this correctly it means 'we can meet any time' but it doesnt make sence since it's not true because we live in different continents...? I'm confused and dont know how to respond.
5 de nov de 2016 8:46
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The PPAP is known well whole over the world. So he said that the world seemed big but was also kind of small, kind of joke. Because of the world is small, you can go to everywhere easily. So he said, "We can meet any time.". That's he told a joke.
5 de Noviembre de 2016
Vala b
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