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what's your first impression about this name Yinna Yinna is my english name , the last word of my chinese name is ying ,so I gave myself an english name as Yinna . But many of my friends when they first read my name ,it always goes wrong , so I wondered that is this name right according to native english speakers ? and whats ur first impression about this name ? thanks .
Nov 5, 2016 9:24 AM
Answers · 9
I’m not a native English speaker so perhaps my opinion is irrelevant. I think Yinna sounds fine, the way I would pronounce it, but as Jerry said, it’s NOT an English name. If you use a name that people haven’t hear before, you can’t expect them to know how to pronounce it. So either you must tell them how to pronounce it or you must choose a name they already know how to pronounce. To me Yinna seems pretty straightforward. I would pronounce it as /jɪnə/ using the IPA (international phonetic alphabet).
November 6, 2016
Yinna is not even close to being a name in the English language. It's just something that you invented, as you said.
November 5, 2016
As a native speaker of Korean, this name sounds like a Korean name to me.
November 5, 2016
'Sarah' MUCH better!
November 5, 2016
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