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What is "Nanu"? Hi everyone! I was watching the German version for that movie "Nightmare before Christmas", and that song "What's this?" in German was translated as "Nanu"... Could anyone please tell me what is "nanu" and how can I use it? Here is the frist start of that song; Nanu?! Nanu?! Hier ist ja alles bunt, Nanu?! was weißes fliegt herum. Nanu?! Ich glaube nicht daran, Jack wach auf es ist zu dumm! Nanu?! Nanu?! Nanu?! Thank youuuuuuu!! Vielen Danke!
Nov 5, 2016 10:03 PM
Answers · 6
It's simply an expression of surprise, like "Oh...?" (with raised eyebrows)
November 5, 2016
"Nanu" is a sort of onomatopoetic expression for surprise. It's almost always put infront of the sentence to indicate that you took note of something you find especially peculiar. It's often followed by a rhetorical question about the matter, but doesn't have to be. A very typical phrase would be "Nanu, was ist denn das?" or "Nanu, das ist ja komisch.". I hope that helps, if I need to clarify something, I'd be happy to.
November 5, 2016
É uma interjeição - uma exclamação do assombro. Viel Spaß noch mit Deutsch !! Es heißt übrigens: Vielen Dank. Boa sorte !!!
November 6, 2016
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