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I need someone help me to translate this text from English to Spanish Original Version: Drowning I'm drowning in that clown's mask To make you laugh at my thousand flaws Alone when I'm all alone I take my smile off But your heartless words have left me scars My translate: Estoy ahogándome, estoy ahogándome en esta máscara de payaso Para que te rías de mis miles de defectos Solo, cuando estoy solo me quito la sonrisa Pero tus palabras sin corazón han dejado en mí cicatrices It's my translate right? Thank you.
6 nov. 2016 02:15
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Hi.... Maybe the last part would be better like this: "Pero tus palabras sin corazón me han dejado cicatrices" I hope this help you, although I'm a English learning.
6 novembre 2016
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