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Alexis Carter
Asking about favourite food to cook Hola, I wasn't sure if this was correct but I would appreciate the correction if needed. "¿Qué es tú favorito comida a cocinar?" "¡Mis favoritas comidas a cocinar es Paella!" Gracias!
Nov 6, 2016 4:19 AM
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Hi Alexis: I think that you made a good attempt for translating the question word by word: What is your favorite meal to cook? Que es tu favorita comida a cocinar? But a better way to translate will be: Cual es tu comida favorita para cocinar? The reason of why is better to translate "What" to "Cual" is because the question implies that you have to choose, mentally, your favorite from a variety of meals. In English when you ask to pick or choose you use "Which" ("Cual" stands for "Which" in Spanish, they are exact equivalents).Of course you won't use "Which" in that question because you want to know the name of the meal, but in Spanish, that doesn't sound good, considering what I explained. "Para cocinar" instead of "a cocinar" is simple. "Para" is used to express the purpose of cooking but "a" doesn't. We say "comida favorita" because in Spanish you normally write the subjective first and the adjective after. For the translation of the answer, it should have been: Mi comida favorita para cocinar es Paella.
November 6, 2016
hi alexis the corect way to say that in spanish is ¿Cuál es tu comida favorita para cocinar? and the answer is mi comida favorita para cocinar es ..... or in plural u can say mis comidas favoritas para coicnar son.... and the name of the food... i can teach u if u want when to use cual and when to use que in spanish..
November 7, 2016
hola! la primera pregunta deberías plantearla así: Cual es tu comida favorita para cocinar? para la segunda, en caso de respuesta, deberias responder asi, puedes responderla de diferentes maneras, por ejemplo 1. Me encanta cocinar paella 2. Me gusta cocinar paella 3. Lo que mas me gusta al cocinar, es la paella 4. mi plato favorito al cocinar, es la paella
November 6, 2016
Hi It's not correct! the correct way is ¿cual es la comida que te gusta cocinar? Or ¿Que comida te gusta cocinar? Answer: me gusta cocinar paella es mi comida favorita If you want I can teach you spanish laguage but if you help me to learn the english language!
November 6, 2016
Alexis Carter
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