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Bernard Cosner
바람에 날려 저녁 노을 보며 친구들과 웃던 바람 속의 추억들이 가끔 생각나듯 Just like I remember the memories in the wind of looking at the sunset and laughing with my friends Or When I look at the sunset, it is like the memories in the wind of me laughing with my friends comes back Which one is the correct translation for natives ? Thank you
Nov 6, 2016 5:52 AM
Answers · 2
The first translation is correct since 저녁 노을 보며 is a sub-clause of 친구들과 웃던. The second translation would be correct if it was 저녁 노을 볼 때면 친구들과 웃던 바람 속의 추억들이 가끔 생각나듯. In this case 저녁 노을 볼 때면 is an adverbial sub-clause of the main clause 바람 속의 추억들이 가끔 생각나듯.
November 6, 2016
Both are correct expressions. Because it is a literary expression, the first thing is more right.
November 6, 2016
Bernard Cosner
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