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How is the weather in January and February in America? Hi, everybody, I am going to America next year, maybe in January or in February. So I am wondering how is the weather there in January and February. Will be cold there?
2016年11月6日 11:06
Answers · 6
In Southern California (say from Los Angeles downwards in the direction of Mexico) they enjoy year-round good weather. On the coast it is likely to be warm and sunny. Further in-land it may be hot and sunny, although this is less likely in January and February. San Francisco is to the north of Los Angeles. It is generally quite famous for foggy weather. But, in general, you can expect nice sunny weather there, too, but with less heat than further south.
Have you came to USA already? I live near Stanford (about 30 minutes from San Francisco). Always good weather.
oh, Sorry, my bad. Likes California, Los Angeles and San Francisco
America's quite big. Can you be more specific?
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