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Could you help me understand this sentence? 1. The Telegraph praised the film’s treatment of complicated linguistic ideas, adding that it “turns an already beautiful, provocative allegory into the kind of science-fiction that can bump your whole worldview off balance”.
6 lis 2016 13:18
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Basically it is saying that the news article (telegraph) commented on the movie or video's message behind what the film was talking about, saying that the "allegory" (fancy way to say poem, story or picture with a hidden meaning) was changed to something else entirely, alike what science fiction shows people: a world full of new things and unexplainable technology; and in the end showing us that the people seeing the video or film had their minds blown or boggled in an unexpected twist leaving them to view everything they had once known, differently.
6 listopada 2016
I'm waiting here for the answer
6 listopada 2016
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