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Two questions about nouns Question 1: How do I refer to a new topic that is vague in nature. For instance, like if I wanted to start a conversation with something: "It is night." Would the proper translation be: إنها اليلة? Since I never referred to night, I'm guess it would not make much sense to say something like: هي اليلة. Is my logic correct? Question 2: Are there any situations where a topic's gender might switch? Here is an example: اسمك غريب. هل هي نكتة؟ "Your name is strange. Is it a joke?" Would such a construction work? Or am I suppose to directly refer to the noun like this: هل اسمك نكتة, in order to maintain gender consistency for the main topic?
6 nov 2016 15:05
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Hi Malik, Regarding question 1 : your logic is correct , only thing is that you have to say إنّهُ الليل ؟ two "L" in night. Regarding question 2 : I think both forms are okey to use , only say هل هو ؟ and not هل هي ؟
6 novembre 2016
Question 1: Your logic is sound, in Arabic, it's strange to open a statement with a pronoun, unless it's referring to something previously mentioned, so we use "إن" "inna" as a starter, for example: إنه الليل = it's night إنها تمطر = it's raining Note: we don't say "إنها الليلة" , the word "ليلة" means "a night", i.e. a single night, so it's used to refer to a specific night, but when we say 'night" to express the general meaning of night, we use the masculine form "الليل", for example: إنه الليل = it's night جاء الليل = the night has come سأقابلك الليلة = I'll meet you "this night" / I'll meet you tonight. ----------------------------------------------- Question 2: The pronoun ALWAYS follows the topic in gender, you can never break this rule, however, in the example you gave: اسمك غريب. هل هي نكتة؟ the sentence is actually correct, because the pronoun here isn't referring to the word "اسمك" (which is masculine), the pronoun "هى" is referring to the situation itself, in other words, you're saying : "Your name is strange. is this a joke (i.e. is this situation/statement/action a joke) .... so the gender of the topic didn't change, but the topic itself is different, hence the change in gender, I hope it's clear to you.
8 novembre 2016
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