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Can someone help me to translate this to korean? 1. How are you feeling today?~ 2. It's been a long time since you did mention party on twitter, I wonder will this time round be my turn to get a reply from you? I have been trying to get your reply for years but it seems like you have not notices me yet...[emoji][emoji] 3. Please reply me too.... even if it's a '.' I'm fine with it.... just please reply me for once[emoji][emoji] 4. Oppa, i'm lacking some motivation these days, can you please give me some motivation....? Thank you in advance... ^^
Nov 6, 2016 3:51 PM
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1. 오늘 기분 어때요? 2. 당신이 트위터에서 "파티"를 언급한지 오래 됐는데, 이번이 당신으로부터 답을 들을 차례인지 궁금해요.. 저는 수년동안 당신으로부터 답을 받으려고 노력했지만 당신은 아직 저를 인식하지 못한 것 같아요... sorry, i don't know exact meaning of "party", so i just write "party" in Korean. 3. 제발 저한테도 답해주세요... "나는 잘지내" 같은 거라도 괜찮아요... 한번만이라도 답해주세요. 4. 오빠, 요즘 나는 자극이 부족해요. 저한테 자극을 좀 줄래요...? i don't know exact meaning of "motivation". if you want to say stimulation "자극" is right, but want to say motive, replace "자극" to "동기". "동기" is better.
November 6, 2016
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