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Brian S
A couple questions I have three questions that came up in my studies. 1) Are these both correct, and do they have different meanings? 我在美国出生里 我在美国出生 2) What is the word for graduate student? By this I mean a student who is pursuing a PhD for example. What is the word for postdoc? 3) What is the difference between 明白 and 懂? 我明白 我懂 I am just starting out, so I can only understand answers written in English.
Nov 6, 2016 9:10 PM
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Question 1) The first sentence is incorrect. The second is OK. Another way of saying this: 我是在美国出生的。The 是……的 pattern is great because it gives more structure to the sentence. Regarding the use of 里, if it was needed (which is not the case here), it would go right after 美国。 Question 2) Graduate student: 研究生, Student at the Masters level: 硕士生, Student at the Ph. D. level: 博士生, postdoctoral student: 超博士. Question 3) 懂 is the standard, neutral word for "to understand". 明白 is often used with 了 ((我)明白了) to mean "I got it" (i.e. when you ask someone for an explanation, the person tells you, and then "you get it"). Note that when the context is clear, you don't need to use the pronoun. If you say 明白了 out loud, it clearly refers to you. HTH
November 6, 2016
3. 明白 = I see, I get it, understood regardless if you really mean it. 懂 = thoroughly understood. In most cases, there is no distinction in daily conversation. It is the context that determines the meaning. For example, 以人为镜,(using man as a mirror [to reflect oneself] ) 可以明得失, (I can then understand what I erred") what here 明 is equivalent to 懂. This is part of a quote from the 2nd Tang Dynasty Emperor who lamented when one of his capable ministers died.
November 7, 2016
1) 我在美国出生里 is a wrong sentence, and 我在美国出生 is right. 2) Graduate student is 研究生 in Chinese, PhD is 博士 in Chinese, and postdoc is 博士后 in Chinese. 3) I think 我明白 and 我懂 are the same, and you can use both of them to say I see, I understand or I got it.
November 7, 2016
1、 我在美国出生里 这个翻译的有问题 3、我明白了,我懂了 一个意思
November 7, 2016
Brian S
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