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Already/yet Hi friends, An iranian teacher asked me "would you be my student for farsi? " And I hesitate to write "Sorry, I already have a farsi teacher" Or "Sorry, I have a farsi teacher yet" Thank you.I would like to know the difference between yet and already.
Nov 7, 2016 7:12 AM
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For things like this, there are websites that can explain it better than we probably can. For example: If it's still not clear to you, I'd recommend trying to make some sentences and then asking us if they're right or how they're different. So let me do that for your sentence: You should use "already" because we use "yet" normally with questions and negatives. I already have a Farsi teacher. I don't already have a Farsi teacher. I don't have a Farsi teacher yet. = I don't yet have a Farsi teacher. Do you (not) already have a Farsi teacher? = Do you (not) have a Farsi teacher already? Do you (not) have a Farsi teacher yet? As for the subtle difference of "already" and "yet", check out the link. :)
November 7, 2016
November 7, 2016
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