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What does this sentence mean? "I apologize for not living up to my name"
2016年11月7日 19:10
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The first meaning that comes to my mind is that the family name has been dishonored. The second meaning i can think of is that their name has a particular meaning by which they were expected to live, and they have not done so. Does this help at all?
Hello Mohamed. 'The phrasal verb ''live up to something'' means to achieve what is expected especially high standards. So your sentence means something like this ''I apologize for not achieving what you have expected from me / from my name / my reputation.'' I hope this helps :)
A person who has a name such as Grace, might be suggesting they don't consider themselves graceful. A person who is named Zeus, may be saying they don't consider themselves mighty or worthy. Depending on the tone of the conversation their may be undercurrents: perhaps playfully asking for a compliment, or perhaps they were trying to be humorous?
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