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See you on time? For RSVP, I'd like to say "See you on the exact time (no late)". Can I use "see you on time"? I thought it could be like "be on time!", but I can't be sure. Thanks.
Nov 7, 2016 9:37 PM
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I would not use "see you on time" "See you then" is better Also you use later, not late, when telling someone to not come after a certain time See you no later than 9:00
November 7, 2016
You are correct that the phrase is "to be on time". So you can say: "Please be on time!" When you specify a time, use "at". For example: "See you at 8" (that is, 8 o'clock), "See you at noon", "See you tomorrow at 6pm". You can put these together like this: "See you at 8. Please be on time: don't be late!" Or for added emphasis, you can add "sharp" after the time. For example: "See you at 8 sharp" "See you at 6pm sharp".
November 7, 2016
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