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Whats the meaning of (dictates) here I don't believe in good or evil, I believe in levels of understanding reality, regardless of our personal perspective. These individuals might truly understand how the human machine works, they oil it and fuel it to perfection, but they understand nothing about what truly matters. The oligarchy have no vision other than the tame worldview imposed by history that (dictates) money is paramount. We need leaders with vision. Let's get leaders with vision. It's in our hands.
2016년 11월 8일 오전 10:26
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I find the text as a whole somewhat difficult to understand. It seems to me that the person who wrote this lacks the ability to express himself (or herself) clearly. Or perhaps the writer is not at all interested in being clear - this text seems to me to be political propaganda and propaganda tries to speak to people's emotions, not their reason. The meaning of "dictate" in this context is not at all clear to me. It might mean that the worldview of the oligarchy determines that money is the most important thing. To me it would make more sense to simply say “in the worldview of the oligarchy money is paramount”. “dictate” can mean “determine/influence” In the following sentence “dictate” means “determine/influence” and makes more sense: “Your worldview dictates how you think about the world, how you feel about the world and how you respond to the world.” "dictate" can also mean "to give orders/tell someone what to do", as in: "They insisted on being able to dictate the terms of surrender." Perhaps the writer is using "dictate" in this sense. If that's what the writer means, then he is implying that the worldview of the oligarchy is ordering/telling people that money is paramount.
2016년 11월 8일
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