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how to express "hate" There are some synonyms about hate, like dislike, can't bear, can't stand, resent and so on, but could some kind people let me know the differences between them, and how deep it stands for respectively? I don't like to hate someone "too much" or "too less" by misused these words:)
Nov 8, 2016 2:43 PM
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It should be "too much" or "too little". We mainly only use "hate" and "can't stand" in our colloquial language. Can't stand is more like someone does something that you don't like or that bothers you. Ex. I can't stand/I hate the way she chews her food with her mouth open. Do you hear how she talks about everyone behind their backs? Ugh! I can't stand her/I hate her. Hate means you hate something. But younger generations use this word very casually (just as we use love ... other cultures find it strange haha). Whereas it used to be a very very strong feeling, young people will use it for anything they really don't like even if it's not true hate. Ex. I hate this movie. I hate my hair. I hate these shoes. I hate this car. I hate (anything / anyone). Now, with a person, it depends on the situation, it could be strong or not. If you say "i hate my mom" to your friend you probably don't hate her. If you say it to your mom, you probably don't hate her but she'll be very mad. Saying it directly to the person can be offensive. But we also use it jokingly and in a lighthearted way with our friends. The situation will determine how it's interpreted, but overall it's not taken that seriously. We use it very casually (different from the olden days and other cultures)
November 8, 2016
There's very many words to express feelings of hate, but we very rarely use any of them except in more serious literature.
November 8, 2016
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