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Vala b
How do I say "that's roughly 57 days worth of just walking"? someone said to me that we were currently 8000 km apart and I wanted to respond with "that's roughly 57 days worth of just walking" how would I say that in japanese?
Nov 8, 2016 3:16 PM
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8000km/57days=140.35km/day 140.35km/24h=5.85km/h Do you walk such fast? Without rest? Edojidai, Japanese walked 493km by 13 to 15days. The distance is from Tokyo(Edo) to Kyoto(kyo). 493km/14days=35.2km/day 35.2km/8h=4.4km/h (If walk 8h a day) So 8000km/35.2km/day=227.2days=7.5months. それって、ざっくり言って7ヶ月半(ななかげつはん)、歩いて(あるいて)旅する(たびする)のと同じ距離だよ! それって、ざっくり言って7ヶ月半(ななかげつはん)、歩く(あるく)のと同じ(おなじ)距離(きょり)だよ! (If Japanese walk 8000km.) 旅する=take a trip ざっくり言って、だいたい、およそ、概ね(おおむね)= roughly
November 10, 2016
You can say that "それって歩いて57日くらいの距離だよ". This is casual phrase, though.
November 8, 2016
Vala b
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