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Is there a difference between 썰렁하다, 쌀쌀하다, 싸늘하다다, 서늘하다, 시원하다, 선선하다 if all of these mean "cool/chilly" I also know 썰렁 is a slang term for "corny" like that joke is corny. additional: 냉령하다
Nov 8, 2016 11:42 PM
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bad mood: 썰렁하다: hollow; not lively; not funny (bad joke) 쌀쌀하다: chilly (temporarily, early in the morning late autumn, makes you think of starting wearing jackets) 싸늘하다: things once warm got cold (drinks, corpse); cold attitude; chilly, starting getting to the bones context dependent: 서늘하다: refreshingly cool, but not very comfortable long term; a little bit frightening. good mood: 시원하다: something cold/cool during hot summers; feeling of big relief/schadenfreude; stimulating 선선하다: comfortably chilly throughout the day (early autumn)
November 9, 2016
and it is difficult even to native Koreans. 썰렁하다 쌀쌀하다 싸늘하다 are cool in bad way, 서늘하다 시원하다,선선하다 are cool in good way. I can just say it to you about it, because my major is not Korean
November 9, 2016
It is freaking difficult to foreigner. Maybe you would know the difference if you lived in Korea in 5 years or more.
November 9, 2016
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