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화 쓰다 & 화 나다 Are they completely interchangeable? sorry it should be 화 내다. I gather 쓰다 must be almost done "on the outside" rather than "kept inside" So is 화 쓰다 & 화 내다 interchangeable on usage?
Nov 9, 2016 2:02 PM
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화(가) 나다 (get angry), 화(를) 내다(get angry at someone), 화를 참다(화 나는 걸 참다 - suppress one's anger) are the only common expressions. I've never heard of 화를 쓰다. 쓰다 (work up) is used in certain emotion-related expressions, but not for 화. - 애쓰다 / 애를 쓰다 - try hard to get something done. - 떼쓰다 / 떼를 쓰다 - act up childishly to have one's way. - 용쓰다 / 용을 쓰다 - muster up all one's strength to do something. - 인상(을) 쓰다 - make a face in displeasure or to show annoyance.
November 9, 2016
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