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What does "lod" mean/how does it fit in this sentence? I'm reading Harry Potter (the first one) in Danish and I'm having trouble parsing this sentence! Faktisk lod fru Dursley, som om hun slet ikke havde nogen søster… Google Translate gives me either "sounded" (when it's searched alone) or "let" (when it's searched in context), but neither really make sense. Ordnet gives "lod" as either the past tense of "lade", some form (not specified) of "lodde", or as a noun. What would be the best way to translate this sentence, and what does "lod" mean here?
9. Nov 2016 20:33
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Hi Meghan. “Lod” is here the past tense of “lade”. The comma in front of “som” shouldn’t be there. It hides the fact that “lod” belongs to “lod som om”. “At lade som om”=to pretend “Faktisk lod fru Dursley som om hun slet ikke havde nogen søster...” means “Actually Mrs Dursley pretended she didn’t even have a sister.…” Here I have translated the word “slet” with ”even”.
10. November 2016
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