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My favorite fish are cods.Correct? The word "fish" is a bit different from those I have asked about. If I want to express I like living cods better than any other types of fish or cod meat, which one should I say? 1.My favorite fish are cods. 2.My favorite fish is the cod. 3.My favorite fish are the cods. 4.Cods are my favorite fish. 5.The cod(s) is/are my favorite fish. Do all these sentences mean "Ilike cod meat best"? 6.The cod is my favorite fish. 7.Cod imy favorite fish. 8.My favorite fish is the cod. 9.My favorite fish is cod. Thank you in advance.
Nov 10, 2016 8:07 AM
Answers · 17
"My favorite fish is the cod fish." "My favorite fish is cod." "Cod are my favorite fish." "My favorite type of fish is cod." These are correct. 'Cods' is incorrect, 'cod' is correct.
November 10, 2016
The above answers are essentially correct, in that several of your your answers are correct, but I thought I would add some specific subtleties for advanced use. To say you like the meat to eat, I think you would only naturally say " my favorite fish is cod". "My favorite fish are cod" implies that you like the fish themselves, not the meat specifically. "Cod is my favorite fish" is perfectly correct but sounds unnatural, so I would opt for "my favorite fish is cod", or just "cod" in response to a question. In common speech I think the "the" article is not necessary in this instance. This would be used more in a documentary or essay on cod. for example "the cod is a noble creature, which swims..."
November 10, 2016
yes, all of your choices are true, you can say i love cod fish, or my favorite fish is code and so on. good luck
November 10, 2016
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