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What is the meaning of 징하다? 너도 참 너무하다는 어감으로 많이 쓰입니다. >>예컨데 친구 둘이 싸울때 한놈이 와서 그자식 어쩌고 하며 화해안하고 고집부릴때. 너도 너무하다는 어감으로 "그냥 화해해. "너도 참 징하다" 라고 합니다. 또 운전하며 택시 아저씨가 계속 앞에서 방해운전 하거나 깐족거리는데 여자친구가 옆자리에 앉아있을대 "아따 그아저씨 참 징하시네. 그만좀 하지." 라고도 합니다.<< is it like, "you're too much?" thank you
10 de nov de 2016 9:28
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It's derived from 징그럽다 (nasty; gross), and means stubborn; persistent; obstinate.
10 de Noviembre de 2016
너 참 징하다 it is mean "you are so stubborn"
10 de Noviembre de 2016
I am poor at English. but the replier give you a incorrect answer. so i would change that. Above all, 징하다 is different from 징그럽다. 너는 징하게 군다 is like "you have the annoying relentless manner." so, you are right. as "you're too much" your translational word is perfect. to be specific, 징하다 is dialect derived from 진하다. and is strong tone of 진하다. I can't certainly translate this. but, I'll take some sentences as an example. 커피가 진하다. coffee is thick. 색깔이 진하다. Color is strong. thus, 진하다 is more than fit. and 징하다 is more than the end of your limit. I hope that my answer could help you. good to see you
10 de Noviembre de 2016
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