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Jorge Rodriguez
Looking for a Chinese phrase for someone who will not listen to good advice There is a German saying: "Wer nicht hören will muss fühlen." I don't know a good equivalent in English Literally, word for word it says: "Who not hear/listen want must feel" It means, if you won't listen to good advice, you may run into problems. A German guy arrived in China. I told him to go straight to the visa office and complete the formalities, as he only had a temporary visa. He would not listen. He said my visa is good for 3 months. But, after landing in China, he only had 30 days to complete this. He went 20 days too late and was fined 500 RMB for each day late!
Nov 10, 2016 10:55 PM
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1.自作自受2there was also a Chinese saying :不听老人言,吃亏在眼前。
November 10, 2016
忠言逆耳 is the best equivalent to what you had explained. 不听老人言,吃亏在眼前 is not general enough. It applies to someone younger scorning advice from an older person.
November 11, 2016
Maybe you can also use 固执/顽固 to describe your friend's character, both words mean "stubborn" in English. However, I do agree that ruby's answer is better to describe this situation.
November 11, 2016
Jorge Rodriguez
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