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아는 욕이 알려주세요.... 제가 쓰려고 해서 묻는 게 아닙니다 ..궁금하고 신기해요..그리고 알아야 다른 사람을 저한테 욕할 때 이해할 수 있죠...어김없이 알려 주세요.감사합니다.
Nov 11, 2016 3:54 AM
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씨발 = fxxxing(Adj), 놈(male) = low - life scum, 년(female) = low - life scum, 새끼 = bastard, 개새끼 = son of a bxxxx, 존나 = fxxing(Adv), 병신 = retarded one, 아가리 = mouth, 뒤지다 = to die in a bad manner, 깝치다 = to go over what you are supposed to do These are most frequently used words. I hear these every single second whenever I walk down the street near my house^^ Ex) ㄱ: 야 이 병신새끼야 너 왜 그걸 이제와서 얘기해? you retarded bastard why do you tell me now? ㄴ:아 몰라 미안해 일부러 한 거 아니야. Ah, I don't know, sorry. It was not intentional ㄱ:존나 아가리만 놀릴 때 부터 알아봤다 쓰레기 새끼 I was fxxxing already expecting this since you kept speaking out bullshits, you, piece of garbage ㄴ:듣자 듣자 하니까 개새끼가 말이 너무 심하네 뒤지고싶냐? As I keep listening to what you bombard on me, now It is out of my limitation, you son of a bxxxx. Do you want to be badly wasted? Hope this helps you^^. Not everybody swears a lot in Korea.
November 11, 2016
my bad
November 11, 2016
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