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What does '하지 만 미자' mean? It's my first time seeing this construction, and I can't find it in any grammar dictionary. I found loads of examples on Google but no explanation.
2016년 11월 11일 오전 8:41
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i don't know that if you can, please show me accurately or explain the situation used that word. but i think maybe.... it is "하지만 미자" 하지만 = but or however 미자 = 미(성년)자=abbreviation in slang of minors in law
2016년 11월 11일
There is no such a sentence in Korean. Please add full sentence.
2016년 11월 11일
i sent you a message
2016년 11월 11일
It means "not only mija"
2016년 11월 11일
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