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A question about future perfect subjunctive The other day I was watching F1 racing videos, racing driver Kimi Raikkonon shouted on team radio "I will crash into him if I would have gone straight!" I am confused. Is that correct to use "I will" there at the start of that sentence to express a possible result of a subjunctive cause? I've looked it up to all the grammar books I have. No answer found. Then the other day I was talking to a friend, she used this tense again in a question. I answered with "I will" as Kimi Raikkonon did on his team radio. I am not sure if it is correct. Anyone here could give me an explanation of it and some examples?
Nov 11, 2016 1:28 PM
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It's not correct, so don't worry. A google search shows that Kimi Raikkonon is Finnish. That helps explain why he is using incorrect English. Depending on whether he was talking about something that is happening or already happened he could instead have said: 1) Is happening: "I will crash into him if I go (or perhaps “keep going”) straight!" 2) Already happened: "I would have crashed into him if I had gone (perhaps “kept going”) straight!"
November 11, 2016
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