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What does 梳头发 mean? + more questions about hair 1) Does 梳头发 mean “to comb/ brush one´s hair“, or is it a general expression which means “to arrange one´s hair”, like e.g. to braid one´s hair or to add embellishment to it? Do you use the same word in Chinese (梳) to say “to brush” and “to comb” the hair? 2) Is it correct to say the following: - He combs himself: 他自己梳头发。 - He combs his dog: 他梳头发他的狗 or 他给他的狗梳头发? 3) According to my daughter´s Chinese educational video, 梳子 is a comb and 刷子is a hair brush, but Baidu search shows me the pictures of a paint brush instead of a hair brush (刷子). So, how do you call a hair brush and a comb? Thank you!
Nov 12, 2016 3:22 AM
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1) 梳头发 means “to comb one´s hair",it doesn't mean "to braid one´s hair or to add embellishment to it". 2)- He combs himself: 他自己梳头发。 Yes,it's correct,but we say 他给自己梳头发 more often. - He combs his dog: 他梳头发他的狗 or 他给他的狗梳头发? It's incorrect,because dog's hair is 毛 ,not 头发in Chinese. -He brushes his dog : 他在给他的狗刷毛。 3)In Chinese,梳子is a comb or a human hair brush,刷子is a paint brush or an animal hair brush or other brush,like toothbrush.In a word,梳子is used for hunam hair in general.
November 13, 2016
Hi me again > < 1 to comb = 梳(理) to brush = 刷 when it's human, brush someone's hair/comb someone's hair = 梳头发 don't use 刷头发 to people 刷毛(brush fur) is used for animals, like dogs and cats. in chinese 刷 is more harsh than 梳 so for animals 刷 for humans 梳 我帮你梳个头发 also can mean give your hair a nice look(and it includes braid your hair). you can also use 整理头发 = arrange someone's hair specific to braid hair = 绑头发/编头发 2 He combs himself = 他自己梳的头发 我梳了/过头发 = i have combed my hair. 我在梳头发 = i am combing my hair. 我梳过头发了 = I have combed my hair. *Usually add a 了/的/过 in between 梳 and 头发 He brushes his dog = 他在刷狗毛 (but sounds really weird in Chinese) usually say: 他在帮/给他的狗刷毛 = He is helping his dog to brush its hair. 3 刷子 = brush 梳子 = comb the brush for drawing painting is also called 刷子 but need to notice in chinese we don't use 刷子 for hair 梳子 is a comb and a hair brush can also be called 梳子 so hair comb = 梳子 hair brush = 梳子 as well hair brush ≠ 刷子 paint brush = 刷子/笔刷
November 12, 2016
你好,Vika。梳头发 means “to comb/ brush one´s hair“,这样理解是对的。 刷一般指“用油漆刷墙”,或指“用刷子(不说“梳子”)清洗”,比如“刷鞋子”、“刷马桶”,前者用鞋刷,后者用马桶刷。你不能说“梳鞋子”或“梳马桶”,“梳”只用于头发,而“梳理”可以用语动物的毛发。 He combs his dog.指的是“他给他的狗梳理/打理毛发”,狗不长头发。 “梳子“和“刷子”是不同的,把刷子翻译成“hair brush”是错的,我觉得应该翻译成“paint brush/toilet brush“。 I don't know if you can read Chinese. But I think it's better off explaining your question in your target language, by which you can get a better understanding of the question from the Chinese perspective. 希望有所帮助!
November 12, 2016
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