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Questions about clothes Here are some doubts I have regarding the clothes vocabulary: 1) 帽子 is it a wide-brimmed hat or also a cap with a visor (similar to a baseball cap)? Or should we better call the second one as 棒球帽? 2) A jacket: is it a 夹克杉 or simply a夹克杉? 3) A skirt: as far as I understand, 裙子 is a general word for a skirt, and 短裙 is a mini skirt (a short one). Am I right? 4) What does a 背心 mean? Is it a vest that can be used both as a underwear and an ordinary piece of clothes that can be worn with shorts or jeans like a T-shirt? 背心 is it the same word both for men and women? 5) A sweater: is it 毛线衫 or 毛衣or both? 6) Socks: 短袜 or袜子? Which word should I use to say to a child: “Please put on your socks”? Thank you!
12 нояб. 2016 г., 3:23
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just add a little bit more vocabularies to you for hat 礼帽/绅士帽/大礼帽 = top hat 绒线帽 = stocking cap/wool hat 贝雷帽 = beret 长筒袜 = stocking 丝袜 = silk stocking 球袜 = soccer socks 背心 = tank top
12 ноября 2016 г.
1) 帽子 is a collective term of all different hats or caps. A cap with a visor is called 鸭舌帽/棒球帽(They are a little different). 2) jacket: 夹克衫, 杉 means a kind of trees; 衫 is related with clothing. 3) Yes, you are right. 4) 背心 means vests, which are sleeveless. It can mean underwears mainly for women.. Besides, both men and women can wear this, but normally just when doing physical exercises(made of cotton). Some sweater vests can be put out of shirts. 5) Usually, we say 毛衣. 6) socks means 短袜, but you can just say 穿上你的袜子 for socks.
12 ноября 2016 г.
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