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Use of the word 'brandish' and the meaning of the phrase officials exposed. I read an article about a referee who was punched to death by a footballer. The article reads : After [brandishing] a yellow card to one of the players, the referee is immediately surrounded by the player's teammates. The player who was carded then appears to punch the referee with his left arm. Paramedics rushed on to the field and attempted resuscitation but without success. The Referees Association said [officials were exposed]. Q1. From the dictionary, brandish means you hold something in a threatening way, especially a weapon. The footage shows the referee just holds "up" the card, not threatening way. So, the word 'brandish' here is really appropriate? Q2. What does the association's person mean by saying officials were exposed?
Nov 12, 2016 5:53 AM
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1. It doesn't only mean aggressively. Here, the sense here is ostentatiously - see By the way, "brandish sth to someone" is non-standard. You just brandish something - bring it into the open in an obvious way. It's not something you do to or at someone. 2. If you are or feel "exposed", you are vulnerable, in the open without adequate protection from danger.
November 12, 2016
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