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this little text is right? First and foremost, my day begin at 6:30 , when I woke up. After 30 minutes of preparation, I am ready to take the bus. When I arrive at 7h30 at the university, I take advantage of the remaining time to review my lessons of the day and then, at 8:00, the lesson begin. Usually, the lessons are linked and we finish the lessons at 12:30 am. Next, I am used to eat at the cafeteria and we work in the University’s library and we resume the lessons at 2 pm. Sometimes I have an other lesson but other times, I have free time the time the lesson end. I usually take advantage of this free time to take a lead in my homework. After my last lesson, I go back home for working. And how I can extend this text thanks
Nov 12, 2016 6:30 PM
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You need to think about your tenses. Have another look and think about your use of tenses, please. Hint: You seem to be talking about a typical day rather than one day in particular. We use a particular tense to talk about things that generally happen but, in your first line, you have mixed your tenses...
November 12, 2016
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