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Confused by some lines of a movie I watched a movie called “Georgy Girl” and I'm really confused by some lines of it. The scene is that a man is playing a joke on a woman. The man:"You're a two-timing broad." The woman:"No, not broad." The man:"Yes. Very long. But you are broad, too. Hey!Are you longer than you are broader, or is your broad broader than your long? How is your broader anyway, and your sister?"(while he is flirting with the woman.) I don't undertand what does the "broad" mean. And I can‘t understand the "long" and the "sister" too.
Nov 13, 2016 1:06 AM
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The term "broad" is a very antiquated, slightly disrespectful term for a woman. No one uses it anymore. Well, my father still uses it but in a joking way (no one laughs). The joke is a play on the two meanings of the word "broad": one being the disrespectful term for a woman, the other meaning "wide". Then he makes a joke because "broader" sounds like "brother". It is all a bit silly. Humor like this would be the last thing an English student would be likely to understand.
November 13, 2016
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