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Is 귀여웠습니다 right? I was trying to figure out how to use past/present/future participles on irregular conjugated words such as 귀엽다 아름답다 I learned that from "ㅂ" it becomes 우 so 귀여워 and now that I know, what is 귀여워's form called? is it in a present form? so then past and future would be informal low, informal high and formal high 귀여워 귀여웠어/귀여웠어요/귀여웠습니다? 귀여웠겠어/귀여웠겠어요/귀여웠겠습니다? 아름다워 아름다웠어/아름다웠어요/아름다웠어습니다? 아름다웠겠어/아름다웠겠어요/아름다웠겠습니다? so if I happen to be correct ( or wrong ) How do you say "That was cute" 1. That was cute ( referring to what he/she did, an action ) 2. That was cute ( That "thing" was cute) I want to know the difference between 그게 - haven't seen this, but I've heard of this on shows. 그거 - no idea when or how to use it 그것 - I'm aware is it pertaining to an object but would you say A simple example on this 3 "그". Thank you. 감사합니다
Nov 13, 2016 11:31 AM
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귀여워 is present form all you wrote is right 1. 그거 귀여웠어 (그 행동 귀여웠어) 2. 그거 귀여웠어(그 물건 귀여웠어) 그것 you know this 그거 = a colloquial(spoken) expression of 그것 그게 = 그거+이 =그것이 but 그거이 is wrong, you can use 그게 or 그것이 그게 뭐야? = 그것이 뭐야? (what's that?) 그것은 뭐야? (what's that?) 그게 그거야 (it just all the same) 그것은 거기에 둬 = 그건 거기에 둬 = 그거는 거기에 둬 (leave it there) 그것은=그거+은=그건 = 그거는 니가 그것을 샀어? = 니가 그걸 샀어? = 니가 그거를 샀어? (did you buy that?) 그것을=그거+을=그걸=그거를 그거 , 그게, 그건, 그걸 coordinate with informal expression 그것, 그것이, 그것은, 그것을 coordinate with formal expression
November 13, 2016
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