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John Hu
hello, could you please check this writing as follows. If somewhere is wrong, please correct . While some people may believe that businesses should offer lifetime employment. It is far more realistic for company to hire workers for varying periods based upon their own business needs. The first reason why companies should hire workers in temperately period is that to inspire employees to work harder. As a profit organization, companies need to create benefits constantly. workers should be trying to make more profitable for company. Moreover, companies should apply a performance oriented evaluation system. If workers know that their continued employment is contingent on their successful performance, they will be more motivated to achieve their stated targets. merit-based system could encourage workers more aggressive for individual performance. According to research. Companies which focus on results are always create high performance than others which not. Therefore, companies should primarily hire workers based on their accomplishment.
Nov 13, 2016 11:44 AM
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You should post that in the Notebook section, there are better possibilities for corrections there:
November 13, 2016
John Hu
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