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Question about 有点 and 一点 I'm trying to understand the differences between 有点 and 一点. I understand that 有点 is mostly used with adjevtices that have a negative connotation, like: 我有点儿饿 so 我饿一点 is wrong in this case? For words without a negative connotation 一点 is used. For example: 快一点儿,要迟到了 so 有点儿快,要迟到了 is wrong? Now how about 他说得有点儿快,我都听不懂. Is this sentence correct? And how about these sentences: 这件衣服贵一点儿。 这件衣服有点儿贵。 Thank you!
Nov 13, 2016 6:21 PM
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有点 usually means "it has been a bit" (because there is a 有 showing the tense) 一点 just means "a little bit" *and 儿is not necessary for adding after 点 when you are typing. for example: 我有一点饿了 = 我有点饿了 so actually 有点 is just a short form of 有一点 no difference between 有点 and 有一点 我有一点不舒服 = 我有点不舒服 (i felt a bit uncomfortable) 我有一点醉(了) = 我有点醉(了) (i felt a bit drunk) 我有一点困(了) = 我有点困(了) (i felt a bit sleepy) so 有一点 + adj. + 了 means "someone felt a bit adj. more example 这件衣服有一点贵 = 这件衣服有点贵 (this cloth is a bit expensive) 这个地方有一点远 = 这个地方有点远 (this place is a bit far) 这瓶饮料有一点难喝 = 这瓶饮料有点难喝 (this drink tastes a bit bad) for 一点 in order to use 一点, you always need a verb before 一点 like 有一点 has a 有 before 一点 example: 你走快一点 = 你走快点 (please walk a bit faster) 你吃快一点 = 你吃快点 (pls eat a bit faster) 你跑得有一点快 = 你跑得有点快 (you are running a bit too fast) you see the english translation? When you want to say "a bit + a comparative," such as a bit faster/cheaper you use this structure: verb + adj. + 一点 When you want to say "a bit too adj." ('too' means a bit of negative meaning in this) use this structure: verb + 得 + 有 + 一点 + adj. 这个糖有(一)点甜 = 这个糖甜了(一)点 这个菜有(一)点咸 = 这个菜咸了(一)点 both ways are alright. just make sure when you want to put 一点 at the end of the sentence pls put a 了(follow by the adj.) in front of 一点
November 13, 2016
the usage and meaning are different-- 有奌+ adj (有點快、有點慢、有點多、有點冷) 他走得有點快 (He walks a bit fast) 他吃得有點慢 (He eats a bit slow) 作業有點多 (The assignments are a bit too much) 今天天氣有點冷 (It's a bit cold today) Adj+一點 (快一點、慢一點、多一點、冷一點) 走快一點 (walk faster) 吃慢一點 (eat slower) 作業多一點才好 (It's better to have more assignment) 以為今天會冷一點 (I thought i would be colder today)
November 14, 2016
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