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some words however although Even though when I studied I found some words I did not understand how we use it this words is however although and Even though who can explain it for me
Nov 13, 2016 6:22 PM
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this is a little difficult to explain, but i'll try However: the similar to "but," it implies contrast between two things. Unlike "but" it is usually used at the beginning of the sentence. ex: I wanted to go to the mall. However, it was closed. "although" and "even though", as well as "despite" are all very similar. They all mean "in spite of something." ex: Although it was cold outside, we still went on a walk. Even though it was cold outside, we went on a walk. Despite it being cold outside, we went on a walk. although the chicken was overcooked, I still ate it. even though the dog looked mean, I still tried to pet it. Despite my sore throat, I still went to school. Does this make sense? These types of words are hard to define. You just need to get used to them. Good luck!
November 13, 2016
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