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3 questions. 1)Can we say:"as she was wenting away she yelled..." (like: "as she goes away she yells...") If not , then why? 2)is it true to say "as she went away she yelled..." 3)She couldent get passed/past the break up.which one is correct. Thank you every one for your time
Nov 13, 2016 8:44 PM
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The verb "to go" has the invariable form "went" in the past simple tense and the forms "was/were going" in the past continuous tense. "went" is an irregular past form and I understand that it originates from the verb "to wend" which has a similar meaning but is now used only in literary contexts in modern English. "As she went away, she yelled", is acceptable. However, "As she was going away, she yelled", is probably the better choice in most contexts. "get past". "Past" is a preposition here.
November 13, 2016
1) No. "wenting" is not a word. "went" is the past tense of "go". For comparison: walk, walking, walked; go, going, went. (You might expect "goed", which is not a word. "went" is irregular.) 2) Correct. 3) "get past" is correct, a phrasal verb. It is confusing because "passed" is the past tense of "pass" (for example "He will pass the station, he is passing the station, he passed the station") so has a very similar meaning.
November 13, 2016
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