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Would you please compare these pairs of sentences? Please compare: 1.My favorite fish is cod.(I like cod meat best among all fish meat) 2.Cod is my favorite fish.(same meaning as #1) 3.My favorite fish is the cod.(Does this mean I like a particular kind of cod meat? Or it means I like cod this species and admire them as pets?) 4.The cod is my favorite fish.(same as #3?) 5.My favorite fish are cods.(I like different kinds of cod as pets. Not that I like their meat??) 6.Cods are my favorite fish.(same as #5?) 7.My favorite fish are the cods.(I like sepecific kinds of cod as pets, as oppoesed to other kinds of cod??) 8.The cods are my favorite fish.(same as #7?) 9.My favorite fish are cod.(l like the cod species itself as pets. Not that I like their meat.) 10.Cod are my favorite fish.(same as #9) 11.My favorite fish are the cod.(It has the same meaning as #9??) 12.The cod are my favorite fish.(same as #11?) Would you please compare those sentences in pairs, check my understanding and answer the questions in brackets?Thank you in advance.
Nov 14, 2016 5:09 AM
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Hi, Zuotengdazuo Questions 1,2 are the same. Question 3: if you want to reffer to a specific kind/ species of cod, then it would be, "That is my favourite kind of cod." Question 4: "Cod is my favourite fish" (same as 1,2) Question 5: "fish" is the same in singular and plural form so you don't have to turn "cod" into a plural too, if you already have "are" (which reffers to (many) "fish"). Rather say it as you have in question 1,2. Question 6: same as in question 1,2. If you want to make "cod" a plural make "fish" plural ("cod fish are water creatures" (or something :D I don't know anything about cod!) or like you did in question 10) Question 7: rather say it as you did in brackets ("I like those cod species more than other cod species") Question 8: same situation as in question 6. Question 9: yep, same as in question 1,2. You can also specify that you prefer them as pets. Question 10: perfect!! Question 11,12: same situation as in 3... Good luck!! ;)
November 14, 2016
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