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How to say something in Korean? How can I say this question in Korean..... [[How do you you say "..." in Korean?]] for example in English it would be like this..... [[How do I say "annyeong" in English?]] ..... and the person would say.... [[you say hello]].
Jan 31, 2008 10:57 AM
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한국어로 ""fan"을 어떻게 말 해요? How can I say "fan" in Korean? (한국어로 "fan" 어떻게 말 합니까/하나요? is more polite.) OR 한국어로 "fan"이 뭐에요? What is "fan" in Korean? My Korean friend said that in his opinion (which I believe) that if you want to know only a word, then the "뭐에요?" style sounds better. (more natural) However, for full sentences or phrases, then the "어떻게 말해요?" style is better. The answer by the way: 선풍기 = fan in Korean. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
January 31, 2008
What Barry said is technically correct, but more colloquially, we use the ~muo ra go heyo? ending (literally what do you say for ~). How do you say "Korea" in Korean? "Korea" hanguk mallo muo rago heyo "Korea" 한국말로 뭐 라고 해요? I think you'll hear both, but probably hear the example I gave more often. We say "Hanguk" "Hanguk" ireogo heyo 한국 이라고 해요.
February 8, 2008
Also, if you're looking for a good 한/영 (Kor/Eng) dictionary - check out the one on Here's a link:
February 3, 2008
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