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Difference between 어디/어디서/어디에서? Difference between 어디/어디서/어디에서? Simple examples and how do you say "It's cold here" and "cold ( as in expression )" and with hot too. Thanks!
Nov 14, 2016 3:26 PM
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Difference between 어디/어디서/어디에서 - 어디: where(n); a place. - 어디에: where(adv). 어디에 is commonly shortened to 어디 (어디 있니? = 어디에 있니?). - 어디에서: where(adv). 어디에서 is commonly shortened to 어디서 (어디에서 왔니? = 어디서 왔니?). 에 and 에서 both make an adverb, like "in" and "to" in English, but they are different in meaning. 에 means some action/situation finishes or ends up in that place, while 에서 means it starts from there. - 나 일본에 가 (I'm going to Japan). 그는 이곳에 묻혔다. (He was buried here). - 나 한국에서 왔어 (I'm from Korea). 방에서 뛰지 마 (Don't run in the room). "It's cold here" => 여기는 춥다. "cold" can mean 춥다 (feels chilly, as with weather) or 차갑다 (lacking warmth to the touch, physically or emotionally). 따뜻하다(warm) has a moderate opposite meaning of both 춥다 and 차갑다. 덥다(hot, warm) has a strong opposite meaning of 춥다, and 뜨겁다(hot) of 차갑다.
November 14, 2016
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