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목 빠지게.... 단 말씀이 신 거 죠 지금? 아직 모른다구요 내가 지금부턱 목 빠지게 돌아다녀봐야 아는 거니까 너는 영빈이한테 물 흐르듯이 잘흘러간다고만 전해라 알았어? If i hear it correctly that sounds to me like 목 빠지게 yet as i looked up it really is an expression that pairs up with 기다리다. What exactly does it mean here figuratively? Does it mean 'going out on a limb' or something similar? How often is it not used with 기다리다 since it looks like a set expression?
Nov 14, 2016 8:45 PM
Answers · 5
i also think it's not 목 빠지게 but 뭐 빠지게. because 뭐 빠지게 is natural with following sentences. JINHEE YOON explained the meaning 뭐 빠지게 well. and 목 빠지게 기다리다 means "wait so long" or "eagerly wait for" for example 나는 그가 돌아오는 것을 목 빠지게 기다렸다. i eagerly waited for his coming back
November 14, 2016
So are you saying that 목 빠지게 does make sense in that recording instead of 뭐 빠지게?
November 15, 2016
None of the answers below are correct. 목 빠지게 means "popping out your neck." This is because when you're waiting for someone desperately, you're also searching for them and therefore extending your neck like a giraffe. That's when someone might comment "목 빠지겠다" literally meaning "your neck is going to come off"
November 15, 2016
I think it's not "목 빠지게", but "뭐 빠지게". The "뭐" is used instead of a slang, so the whole meaning of "뭐 빠지게" could be "fucking crazily", some like that. It's a slang phase.
November 14, 2016
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