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Riad Amalou
この文のなかで、「からって」はどういう意味ですか: 「いくら捜査が行き詰まってるからってこんな炎天下に町内全域聞き込み捜査 なんて殺人未遂 ですよ。」 Actually, there are a few words that I don't understand in this context : 「いくら」、「なんて」、「こんな」。 Thank you very much.
Nov 15, 2016 7:51 PM
Answers · 2
いくら捜査が行き詰まってるからってこんな炎天下に町内全域聞き込み捜査なんて殺人未遂ですよ (maybe... it is more easy to understand?)→”いくら捜査が行き詰まっているからといって、こんな炎天下に町内全域に渡って聞き込み調査をしろだなんて、これは殺人未遂ですよ” and I try to translate it into English…. "While it may be true that the investigation is being at a dead end, it is an attempted murder to order to do legwork throughout the neighborhood under such the blazing sun." ・いくら:It’s not used by itself in this case. It’s followed by “からって”(It’s an easy form of “だからといって") in this sentence. So, maybe... it’s a derived form of a paradoxical usage against conditions which already exist ”いくら〜ても”. so… I mean, I think It’s an integration of “いくら〜ても” and ”〜だからといって”. (And there is another contrasting paradoxical usage “たとえ(たとい)〜ても”. It’s against conditions which assumed.) ・なんて:”〜なんて” In this sentence, it presents subject. It's very similar to a role of “〜は” in this case. ・こんな:”こんな〜” Maybe you can think it is almost the same as “such a 〜" Maybe!(because I’m not Japanese teacher and my English is not good enough yet…and I googled(>o<)! lol.) Feel free to ask me for more explanation about this answer. And if you don’t mind, I’m glad if you correct my English in it! Good luck :D
November 16, 2016
からって(からとて からと言って) while it may be true that; just because; nevertheless; not necessarily いくら however ,how much なんて what a こんな such
November 15, 2016
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