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If they are grammatically correct, please tell me their meaning? Sorry for posting a similar question. But I think it over and over without figuring out any answer. I am sure that this sentence is correct: My favorite fish is the clownfish. But this seems to generate more questions. I am now sure what this sentence and its variants mean? It seems the "the" would change the original meaning quite a lot. The paraphrases #1#2#9#10 are those I am 100 percent sure about. But for the rest sentences, I am less sure. I don't know what their exact meanings are. Could you please tell me their meanings?(some of them may sound odd to you, but please paraphrase them as long as they are intelligible and grammaticall correct) 1.My favorite fish is clown.(I like clownfish meat best among all fish meat) 2.Clownfish is my favorite fish.(Same meaning as #1) 3.My favorite fish is the clownfish.(Does this mean I like a particular kind of clownfish meat? Or it means I like clownfish this species and admire them as pets?) 4.The clownfish is my favorite fish.(same as #3?)5.My favorite fish are clownfishes.(I like different kinds of clownfish as pets. Not that I like their meat??) 6.Clownfishes are my favorite fish.(same as #5?) 7.My favorite fish are the clownfishes.(I like specific kinds of clownfish as pets, as oppoesed to other kinds of clownfish??) 8.The clownfishes are my favorite fish.(same as #7?) 9.My favorite fish are clownfish.(l like the clownfish species itself as pets. Not that I like their meat.) 10.Clownfish are my favorite fish.(same as #9) 11.My favorite fish are the clownfish.(It has the same meaning as #9??) 12.The clownfish are my favorite fish.(same as #11?) Sorry for posting too many sentences and taking too much of your time, but I really want to know. Thank you in advance.For the first sentence, it shoul be "My favorite fish is clownfish"
Nov 16, 2016 4:59 AM
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Your 1. is worse than all other alternatives and should not be used. This is because "clown" has a different meaning than just a type of fish. "Skate" would be another example: it is a fish that has a different meaning when used alone. "Hake" would work in this type of sentence because there is no stand-alone meaning for "hake" other than fish. The remainder of all of these examples are semantically identical. There is no marker in these sentences for "food" or "pet", and any sentence can be used for either. It depends on context. If you were talking about food, these sentences would be understood to mean clownfish meat. If you were talking about aquaria, then "pet" would be understood. To remove ambiguity, you can state "My favorite type of fish to eat is ..." or My favorite type of fish for a pet is ..."
November 16, 2016
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