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Man Chia
What does "universal" mean here ? I just read this from BBC : Dr Philip Francis Thomsen, of the University of Copenhagen, said the environmental DNA (eDNA) approach was "very universal", giving information on many fish, including flatfish, sharks and rays, and deep-sea species. What does the "universal" mean here ? Is it the meaning of "useful for the whole world"?
17. Nov 2016 00:50
Answers · 3
It means applicable to all kinds. In this case, the approach applies to all kinds of fish.
17. November 2016
I find it confusing too after reading other responses
17. November 2016
It means you can use the environmental DNA (eDNA) for almost anything. In this sentence ''universal'' means eDNA can be applied to everything. Similar to a ''universal remote'', which can be used for all TV's.
17. November 2016
Man Chia
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